Camera rotation, improvement

EricH Germany
When the camera is rotated, there can fly objects directly in front of the camera, that will hinder the visibility of the center of interest.

Solution: Maybe the unwanted object in front of the camera turns invisible. I mean objects with a low distance to the camera object and that are not center of interest (camera is not rotating around that object.


  • xerim
    edited March 2021
    Why not use the graphics in wireframe mode or create a clipping plane? There is also an automatic transparency option in the view panel that makes solid objects transparent when you zoom in. Alternatively, you can replace the material of any solid object with clear glass, effectively making any 3D object in the station completely transparent.
  • EricH
    EricH Germany
    edited March 2021
    Where is the automatic transparancy option?

    Ok, found it in graphics tools.