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Bug using runRoutineButton??

Hello all,

I have started to experiment with ScreenMaker option, and I believe that I have stumbled upon a bug inside.

RunRoutineButton have 3 options:
Action before calling Routine
Routine call
Action after calling Routine

I am using "Action before calling Routine", to set up variables and all preconditions according to my preference and then with loaded variables call Routine.

If I use "Action before calling Routine" with additional Warning message (first picture down), then routine is called without waiting for the answer (third picture).  After that, even with negative answer, routine will be executed, only difference is that precondition variables will not be changed.

First picture

Second picture

Third picture

I have tested this on RS2020.02, FlexPendant SDK 6.7.1011, Rob FW 6.07.01
and on RS2021.1, FlexPendant SDK 6.11.151, Rob FW 6.11.01

When I am using "Action before Routine" call without warning message, everything is fine, changes are implemented before Routine is called.

It looks like, if you include warning message in "Action before calling Routine", then after pressing RoutineButton, and confirming Warning dialog >Robot may move<, routine is immediately called, and warning message is only if you want to implement actions, which was supposed to be taken before calling Routine..

Any thoughts/ideas?

Thank you for your support

"We're more aware of simple processes that don't work well than of complex ones that work flawlessly"


  • Nils Olofsson
    Nils Olofsson Sweden admin
    Indeed this seems like a bug.
    Unfortunately Screenmaker is a legacy product with limited support and will not receive any new releases or bug fixes.

    Nils Olofsson
    PC Software Support Engineer

  • Danijel_Cro
    Danijel_Cro Germany
    Hello NilsOlofssson,

    thank you for your answer.

    Best regards,
    "We're more aware of simple processes that don't work well than of complex ones that work flawlessly"