Siemens and ABB

Hello to the forum admin and members..
can we use the Siemens NX robotic machining/CAM with ABB Robot to go for machining (Drilling) of a job in one go, without the need of manual programming. Like Siemens shared some stuff with Kuka robots..Simulation in NX Cam and auto code generation for the complete task.
pardon me if i am wrong at perceiving the concept of machining with NX software..   


  • Siemens NX CAM for robots is in the highest echelon of software for programming robots, used in applications which require high precision and maximum detail. If you just need to drill some holes, I would look into another cam software such as Powermill by Autodesk or RoboDK. To answer your question, yes it can be used to program ABB robots. 
  • lordsikander
    lordsikander pakistan
    thanks for the info you respectable shared.I ll for sure go through these softwares.
    in fact i have interfaced Siemens PLC with ABB IRB 4400. I want the PLC to read coordinates from CAD drawing of assembly and send them to IRC5 (if this works fine). For that i assumes using Siemens NX with Siemens PLC would be suitable. 
    if i am wrong, kindly guide me for right track. 
  • Unless you have a MABI robot, you do not need a Siemens PLC to run programs created in NX