RobotStudio event

Send error domain, number and title to PLC

Hi all,
I'm doing an application in which I have to detect errors and then send error domain, number and title to PLC trough Profinet. I'm not too expert in RAPID/RobotStudio, so I have 3 questions.
1) Is what I've written until now correct and the correct way for detecting errors? I wrote the following code in a semi-static parallel task:

   VAR intnum err_interrupt;
    VAR errdomain err_domain;
    VAR num err_number;
    VAR errtype err_type;
    VAR trapdata err_data;
    VAR string titlestr; 

PROC main()  
    IF first THEN          
        IDelete err_interrupt;
        CONNECT err_interrupt WITH trap_err;
        IError COMMON_ERR, TYPE_ALL, err_interrupt;
        first := FALSE;
   " 2) the main is doing also other things like reading the robot position continuosly, would be better to have a task only for errors management?"

TRAP trap_err
     GetTrapData err_data;
     ReadErrData err_data, err_domain, err_number, err_type  \Title:=titlestr;
     SetGO GO_ErrDomain, err_domain;
     SetGO GO_ErrNumber, err_number;

3) At the moment I'm sending to PLC only the error domain and number, how can I send a string?

Thank you a lot in advance!