wobj0 stationelements vs T_ROB1

Lars258 Germany
Hello everyone,

I've got a station in which a 6650S is on a linear external axis. Is it possible to move the wobj0 ("world") of the stationelement to the zero point of the external axis? If got 2 wobj0 at "Path&Position". One at "T_ROB1" (the good one, zero position of the external axis) and one at "Stationelements" (the wrong one, at the base of the robot)

Everytime I'm teaching a robtarget it's saying the coordinates from the T_ROB1 wobj0. But once I synchronize it with the rapid it's taking the coordinates from the stationelements wobj0.

If I'm moving to that position via Rapid all my targets are in the wrong position. (Inside the floor and off center).

I've got Base Frame Z and X registered in Motion-> Single and No Base Frames in Motion-> Robot.

Thanks very much for your help