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Dear forum,

i recently created a solution with 2 robots. I made a few changes along the way and saved these as different station versions. I now have something odd and can’t quite put my finger on it.

When I create a target for Rob2 it’s where I want it. I then create a path with a moveL instruction and that’s fine. I then sync that with RAPID and I get wired coordinates for the CONST in RAPID.

When I go to the target and paths browser and select the modify position I see the problem. The world Coordinate figures are correct - BUT there is an undocumented ‘parent’ drop down for selecting reference coordinates and this has different y information to the world Coordinate. It’s these figures that are being synced with RAPID and not the World Coordinate figures.

What it looks like is an original Coordinate from an earlier station version but the position has since been changed. If for any reason I sync RAPID to the station then this ‘parent’ position is used.

Can someone explain where these ‘parent’ coords are coming from and what I can do to stop this happening. I delete the target and create a new target and path, resync with RAPID  and it still happens. So where my RAPID y value should be 2345 from the World it’s using the ‘parent’ value as a CONST.


  • TT2021
    TT2021 South Africa
    'I then sync that with RAPID and I get wired coordinates for the CONST in RAPID.'

    Sorry that 's a typo - its meant to be 'weird' coordinates - not 'wired'.