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Jog the robot from a panel in Auto mode

Hi all,
I'm looking for a way to jog the robot from an HMI panel while the controller is in Auto mode and running the program; the behaviour I'd like to get is a kind of routine activated by an input in which the robot can be jogged from the panel, when the input goes back to 0 the robot restart with the normal program. So I think I need some system input to switch between auto and manual mode (I don't want to use the key). Is this or something similar to this possible? I've searched on the net without founding too much information.


  • xerim
    You cannot jog the robot in automatic mode, you could instead create procedures that are referenced in the HMI  that move the tool a certain distance relative to the coordinate system of the tool (see RelTool) that you could step through to achieve a sort of jogging. Unless you have a keyless controller, you cannot switch from manual to auto with system inputs, only with the key itself. The reason is for safety. 
  • dragolollo
    ok, thank you a lot!