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Is possible clean HDD on the IRC5?

Good morning.
Is it possible to perform some HDD cleaning on IRC5? It often happens that the robot displays a "syntax error" error when loading the program.
The robot does not work. (program is fine) I must restart robot with "P-restart"
After "P-restart" everything is fine. The error is displayed about 3x / month. Always on a different module.
Could it be system congestion? The machines are more than 7 years old, are in operation 365 days / year and the only maintenance was the replacement of batteries. Is there anything like ABD defragmentation or HDD cleaning at ABB?
I think it could be caused by bad sectors on the HDD.

Do you have any ideas?
Or how would I get rid of this problem?


  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    They do not really have a hard drive.  The older ones have a CF drive and newer use SD card.  Maybe it is possible that you have had to many read/write cycles to the card and it could use a replacement.
    Lee Justice