Opening station in newer RS version results in reduced simulation speed

Hi all,

I noticed that when I open station in newer version, that simulation speed drops significantly.

I have stations built in version 2020.2, and when I opened them in 2020.4 or 2021.1, the simulation is very slowed.

Using option for simulation clock, as fast as possible, shows result, that original 2020.2 version have speeds from 2,5x up to 4,5x, but in newer versions speed drops to 0.7x, or with larger stations to 0.02x.
I also tried to keep the station and completely deleting robot, to keep all mechanism I have created, and bring the robot from scratch, but it didn't helped much.

When I completely rebuilt station in 2021.1 version, everything work fine, and I can say that the simulation is even faster then in 2020.2.

More or less the same results are if I open station directly in new version, or if I use Pack and Go function.

Biggest issue for me happened when I installed 2020.4, and basically lost one station, because after I noticed effect, I cant open it any more in 2020.2. Had backup, but few days old.

Not need to say, that with installation of RS2020.4, you loose RS2020.2, you cant have both versions on PC. In this case we also come to the question of sharing stations between colleges/customers.

Is there fix for this, or work around?

Thanks for your suggestions,


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