Data not being shown in client from OPC UA Server

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I've been using the OPC UA server for months now with a virtual controller setting up communications.  Today I'm getting error messages "Error creating monitored item on server."  I tried updating the OPC UA server and RobotStudio.  Using Softing DataFEED client as the manual recommends.  Any ideas?  


  • stefpender
    stefpender boston
    Uninstalled and reinstalled everything.  It's working now!

  • user_matiss
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    Good day! I have been using virtual controller IRC5 and OPC-UA server in RS2021 actively for the last few months. This is a task for students to do connection with UAExpert client. We have a lot of issues  for controller tags  of Rapid variables and I/O signals not showing up on the opc client side. Usually this works only after several re-starts and recreation of robot alias in the server. 

    Is this somewhat related to the virtual controller? Othervise this is a production-like setup.
  • XNOR
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    Thanks for sharing your issue and updating. I'm trying the IOT Gateway against an older version of robotware (6.05.02) and only get PERS variables (no VAR or CONST) -- perhaps I need to try some re-installs.
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    user_matiss After creating a persistent variable on the controller, you have to restart the IoT Gateway for it to show up in the client. Same goes for when you delete a variable from the controller.

    XNOR According to the manual IoT Gateway v1.1.pdf

    I.e. only persistent variables are available from the RAPID domain.

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