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Custom Palletizing Tool

First post! thank u all

Working with palletizing powerpac (PP)
Palletizing boxes inside a box - Tool needs extension
How can I make the ClampTwoZonesGripper work?
PP always mounts the tool flush with the tool plate.

I re-locate the tool down on Z, adding the extension between robot and tool
Gripper tcp looks OK
but PP tool data does not take the tcp's position.
I manually modified the tooldata inside PP ToolFunctions.
TCP looks way down but after downloading project tcp is adjusted (weird!) 
TCP is correct but zones didn't update and does not pick the box cause is not detected
Zones position is RELATIVE to the TCP, if TCP moves zones should follow .....
Manually modified the sensor's zone position.
TCP is messed up after modifying the zones (!) It automatically applies and offset again to the tcp!

How can I make it work? The only way I found is modifying the TCP
keeping the zones in the same position but extending them to reach the part.

The weirdest thing is that when I check the pick and place sequence all positions are correct!
The TCP is messed up only when project is transferred to the virtual controller, simulation positions
are out of position.