save diagnosis log failed by webservice


According to the ABB website ,we use the following code to save a diagnosis log for a 1600 robot(real controller), there’s no file saved at all.


curl --digest -u "Default User":robotics -d "dstpath=/fileservice/$TEMP/sysdump/diagnostics.log" -X POST http://localhost/ctrl/diagnostics?action=save


Does anyone ecnounter this problem?

Thanks a lot.


  • Leon_dev
    Leon_dev Shanghai
    Hello, someone has any ideas for this issue? :/
  • NilsOlofsson
    NilsOlofsson Sweden admin


    Just to make sure, i want to know that you are checking for the file in the correct location on the controller?

    If you are and the file is not there i would like to know some things:

    What's the HTTP response status code?

    Did you try to subscribe to the location header so you could follow the status of the execution?    

    Nils Olofsson
    PC Software Support Engineer

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