Rated current and payload

Dear ABB family,

A Machatronics student here! I have couple questions about my robot (IRB660). I am desperetly looking for answers.

My robot, IRB660 uses 20A by max payload 250kg.

Can I measure how much current my robot uses in realtime? I am not handeling 250kg, so the current I use should be also lower. Is it possible to read that somewhere on the controller?

Also, I have a gripper mounted on the robot and I have no idea how heavy that is.
Can I read how much my robot is lifting at the moment?

I hope my questions are understandable.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Selen Ersoy



  • Is there a loaddata object for your gripper? The first number in the sequence is the weight of your gripper in kg. If the loaddata does not yet exist, you can create it by running the load identify service routine. 
  • Hey xerim, Thank you for your comment. 
    I found this example in manual. Here i should define myself what the weight is. I have no idea what my payload is. Can i also read it somewhere?

    Excuse me i am realy unexperienced.

    Thank you!!
  • Can someone please give an example how to use loaddata in rapid? how to read weight in real time please  :'(
  • Loaddata is used to tell the robot how heavy the item(s) are that you are picking up.
    You use the command Gripload (eg Gripload piece1; using the load from the above example), you have to define the loaddata used in the command before hand..
    Load0 (predefined) is used when you have no load.
  • If you do not know the mass of your tool you can use loadidentify as Xerim suggested.
    I have attached an extract from the manual on this, there are some limitation with 4 axis robots like the IRB660.
  • Thank you so much!! I will take a look at load identfy :)

  • One thing to consider is that.. the result of Loadidentify for 4-axis robots isn't so accurate from my experience. I recommend to measure the weight using the scale if possible.