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Move the robot along a certain direction

I'd need a way to move the robot along a certain direction (I have to "simulate" the manual jog from the PLC panel, so for example if the user press "X+" the robot should move in direction x+ until the user is pressing). I've already thought to the solution of moving it by a linear move with offset of 1 mm from the current position, it's good but then it moves very very slowly, so I was thinking to put an offset that theoretically would take the robot outside its workspace; of course it is not working because the robot checks the position to reach before to execute the move instruction. Is there a way to avoid this (so to make the robot to move in a direction without checking if it can reach the final position)?
Thank you!


  • The direction "X+" will be relative to the TCP of the tool and the wobj being referenced in the linear move instruction, if you want to move the robot incrementally, switch to manual mode and select a jogging increment. 
  • Do you mean using the teach pendant? The problem is that for this work they ask me to give them a way to jog the robot without teach pendant (only through the PLC panel)
  • Could you give the operator an option on the plc to select the step size and then pass the step size and direction to the robot?
  • Yes, that's more or less what I did, but I have to use the Offs function and then the final position of the move instruction should be in the workspace, otherwise the robot will give an error. What I don't know is if it is possible to overpass the check of the robot about the reachability of the position in the move instruction, such that if I give to it an "infinite" offset along a certain direction it would start moving towards that direction until it reaches the limit of the workspace. It would be nice if a kind of "Move along direction" motion instruction exists, but I don't think so  :lol:

  • Does RelTool not achieve what you are looking for?

  • I will try with RelTool but I'm quite sure that if I put for example:

    MoveL RelTool (p1, 0,0, 10000) 

    it will tell me that the position is out of range
  • I'm not quite sure what you are trying to achieve..if you give the robot an instruction to move outside of its limits it will always tell you it is out of range. Why not set the offset to just before the limit of the reach instead of outside of it?
  • It can work if the robot is able to compute the limit of the workspace along a certain direction
  • You can create your own limit of the workspace by using WorldZones