Force EOAT Parallel to a plane

Hello, apologies for non specifics, as I am just stepping into the ABB world, however I am a long time automation engineer.

Problem: We have several occurrences where EOAT is colliding with stationary objects when axis 5 is rotating unexpectedly at a pickup point for parts. The parts are at various positions along a single plane (i.e. 8 nests aligned on a shelf) and the robot is supposed to go to pick or place parts to/from these nests.

Question: Is there a way to add something to the program to force the orientation of axis 5 to be parallel to the shelf plane once the EOAT distance from the robot base is greater than (i.e. 500mm), thereby preventing axis 5 rotating  and causing collisions when it is near the shelf?

One theory I heard for this situation happening is the robot is trying to take the shortest path to the next nest, because the type of move instruction used is not formatted for a specific path.


  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    What type of move instruction are you using?  MoveL, J or MoveAbsJ?
    Lee Justice
  • In the motion parameters you can set a limit of rotation for each axis
  • T800_412
    T800_412 USA
    xerim said:
    In the motion parameters you can set a limit of rotation for each axis
    Yes, however in this case, the axis needs free movement when not near the shelf. I want to find a way to force it to keep the EOAT on a parallel plane when near the shelf.
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