Generic error message when Signal (IO) can not be written due to access level

</code><code>curl --digest -u "Default User":robotics -d "lvalue=1" -d “userlog=true" -X POST ""
span class="code"  -1073414145 /span
span class="msg" rws_resource_iosystem.cpp[2387] Reject code:-1073414145 icode:-2 /span
We are using RWS to control the gripper of our ABB robot and I had a very hard time (read: short night ...) figuring out why I couldn't write digital outputs on the internal anybus profibus node.

The error message was very generic (see above)

Giving me:
The "default" access level is "read-only" in "remote client automatic"

You don't have permissions to set this output due to access rights

Would have been great. In RobotStudio it shows such a message.

Note that I had to redact xml in the code block because this forum is overly protective