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World zone error acknowlage

Dear ABB family,

I defined a world zone in my IRC5. It is an stationary worldzone. At the very beginning, when i was jogging (to test my world zone) I got an error message. Which is perfect. Then i acknowlage the message and start jogging again. I wanted the test for the second time.
When i was inside of the box for the second time, i didint receive the error message. 

Is this bcs I ackowlage it before?

Thank you in advance,

Selen Ersoy


  • SelenErsoy
    I guess i figured my self out. When I add event routine (POWER ON). I said YES to all task and YES to all motion task. 
    I changed to NO. Now i get error message everytime when i try to enter insie of the box

    Does enyone know, what is All task, and all motion task means by event routine?