folloving 1 point on conveyor

Hello. Is it possible to track 1 point (1 position) on the conveyor belt? example:
I will create a program: home, 1 position, home and I want the robot to come to the position and follow the moving point on the conveyor for 1 minute or 2 meters. Can you advise me how I should write a program to make it work?


  • Micky
    Micky ✭✭✭
    yes, it is possible to follow a conveyor belt.

    For this, you need the robot option "606-1 Conveyor Tracking", an encoder mounted on the conveyor belt, and a synchronization switch that detects the part for tracking.

    The programming is done with the commands "WaitWObj " and "DropWObj". 

    ActUnit CNV1;
    WaitWObj wobjcnv1
    MoveL *, v1000, z10, tool, \WObj:=wobj_on_cnv1;
    MoveL *, v1000, fine, tool, \WObj:=wobj0;
    DropWObj wobj_on_cnv1;
    MoveL *, v1000, z10, tool, \WObj:=wobj0;<br>

    You can find more information in the "Application Manual - Conveyor Tracking" (3HAC050991) or in the "Technical reference manual - RAPID Instructions, Functions and Datatypes".