IRC5 compact with Integrated Vision System

Hi everyone. I would like your advice as I have no idea where to start. I have an IRC5 compact controller with an ABB vision system and a DSQC1030 I/O module. I have attached the pictures of the hardware and also what is available on the robot. Would you please be able to tell me where would I plug the camera and the I/O module, how would I give an IP address to them ? Where would I give an IP address to the robot itself  and do I need to configure the Fieldbus adapter shown in the picture ? I can't see anything about the 4 ports on the top in the documentation. I connected the I/O module into one of those ports and it immediately recognized it, but when I try to set an output high it tells me 'could not set I/O value. C0048407: Operation rejected by the controller safety access restrictions mechanism.' I also tried to connect the camera into one of those ports and when I go into the vision tab and press 'Add Sensor'  I find the camera give an IP address to it and then it requires a User Name and Password...

Any help or documentation is highly appreciated. 

Thank you,