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IRC5P Paint Robot IO setup problem


Hi Guys, I need some help! Newbie here

Believe it or not, I have 4 IRB 6/2 robots on old S3 control cabinets, still in regular daily use for mig welding. I have just taken the plunge and upgraded 1 cell to IRB1400 with IRC5 cabinet. My hammers and spanners have been replaced with LAN cables and laptops! I have installed the IRC5 now after working out how to add up some DSQC328 IO cards and configuring the weld set.

I have though also bought a painting robot, IRB5500 with IRC5P, fresh from a BMW factory. The arm is mounted and working OK now. My problem is IO boards. Having just installed 2 DSQC 328 boards on the IRC5, I thought this would be a breeze….

The IRC5P won’t recognize the boards. The top MS green LED is lit, but the bottom NS LED is flashing.
I have tried to set them up in RobotStudio, Unit type, unit etc, but there is no DeviceNet bus. I tried to set up a bus but it wouldn’t have it.

The Manual seems to imply that if you connect the DSQC328, it will recognize it automatically. I have tried 20 and 21 address – Digital I/O # 1 and 2, and also 30 and 31, fieldbus address but to no avail. I tried to create a IO signal, the manual (IRC5P Operators) refers to using PIB as the unit, but there is no dropdown option for PIB in new signal. Alternatively, the manual describes using UnitType IPS_TYPE with Bus PaintIO1, but again I have to options for that.
I have connected a LAN cable to X5 on the PIB board and via Fillezilla can see that nodes 20 and 21 have empty folders. If I change address of the boards, the empty folders change to suit, so it can see something is there, but not connect to it.

So then I thought I’d do the easy one and create a signal using the pre-installed pair of I/Os on X8 on the MIB board. Again though, there is no MIB option in the drop down box to create the signal.
Manual (MIB board) states
Signal Name                        IPS Signal Name

1 GEN_DOUT1                     Spi1/Mib1/Digout1

This implies its predefined, but I can’t find it or access it!


Can anyone shed some light and give me a few pointers please. I know that paint robots aren't the most common robots, but hopefully there are some artists out there…..