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No license to create program on OmniCore FlexPendent

Hi there:
We have a new IRB 1300 in our lab, when I try to create new program with FlexPendent, a dialog window pop up, said"Cannot access feature, as you do not have a premium license. Contact your system administrator for detail."(please refer to attached picture) I called ABB service, they told me to install the newest robotware system, but still no luck after I updated from 7.1 to 7.2. Does anyone know how to fix it, thanks in advance!  

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  • innebandy
    innebandy ✭✭
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    'Create new programs' or 'Edit existing programs' is not a basic functionality of OmniCore anymore. Please check if an option, Program Package [3151-1] is installed. If so, there must be something wrong. In that case, you'd better reinstall the robotware from the scratch.
  • Hewise
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    Thank you so much, innebandy, problem is I don't have 3151-1. Solved