Missing dlls in robot studio sdk

Hi all,

I'm having trouble setting up the Coordinate File Import visual studio project.  Not all of the required dlls are in the robot studio sdk.  Specifically, ABB.Robotics.dll and ABB.Robotics.Controller.dll are missing.  I can't build without them.

I downloaded the sdk and coodinate file import projects from these two links:

I can't find those two dlls anywhere, any help would be appreciated.



  • EricH
    EricH Germany
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    Hi, it has been some time since I last used the sdk, but I think you find those dlls somewhere in the sdk.
    This is my configuration.

    Also make sure you are building with at least .net framework 4.8

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  • NilsOlofsson
    NilsOlofsson Sweden admin
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    The ABB.Robotics.Controllers.pc.dll (the one you need) can be found in the RS SDK folder 
    Default path C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB\SDK\RobotStudio 2021 SDK 

    You can also find the DLL's inside the Robotstudio 2021 folder inside the bin directory.

    Nils Olofsson
    PC Software Support Engineer