Error occurs after update 5.07 to 5.08

After updating RAB from 5.07 to 5.08 to following error occurs "SYS_CTRL_E_RESOURCE_HELD; Requested resource is held by someone else."

Does someone know how to solve this error?





  • Is this a FPSDK app or PCSDK app?

    Are you using this on a system with RW or higher? What is your RW version?

    Did you recompile your application with RAB 5.08. Note: if you don't uninstall RAB 5.07, then your project does not automatically update itself to use references to 5.08 assemblies, so you may still be using 5.07.

    When does this message occur? When you start the system, when you launch your application, etc.

    Russell Drown