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Create Mechanism - Tool

Hi, we are trying to create our tool on RS via the 'create mechanism' instead of 'create tool' wizard in the modelling tab. Our tool is a paint spraying gun which gives us two different positions.

I found it very simple to create this through the 'create tool wizard', however it needs to be made as a mechanism with two different positions etc. 

Firstly, the 'links' and 'joints' sections are fine, but when I get to tooldata I cannot see how to offset the frame (TCP) from the tip of the spray gun (I was able to do this fine when creating it the other way). We need an offset of around 100mm to increase the fan size, maximising the surfaces sprayed.

Secondly, once I have created the mechanism, the frame is there with the tool and moves with it at the different poses, however when I click on the frame there are no options for this, everything is greyed out. I cannot see that it has created any tooldata, although that was part of the creation process? I have attached the tool to the robot, and it's not registering it, with there being no data at all. However if I create separate tool data, they do not link?

How can I solve this please?