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RoboStudio - Differences between program to control a real system and simulation program

My objective is to control a real IRB 120 thanks to a code from RobotSudio.

First I made a program using both RAPID program modules and the Station Logic (using I/O signals to make the link).
Then I realized that all of the Station Logic's part program can not be share with the IRB 120 in contrary to RAPID program modules which can be plug by USB key or by internet connection ( or I didn't know how to do it but I after days of research I didn't find anything about this )
whereas some of the functions/smart components of the Station Logic can not be replace by functions of RAPID because they didn't exist ! 
(Some examples of functions which do not exist in RAPID, just below) 
  1.  A collision sensor between 2 objects wich are not the robot (here the IRB 120)
  2.  Create a volume other than a cylinder, sphere or box
 If I'm right and the Station Logic can only be used in Simulation program so, where is the interest of a simulation program which can not be send to a real controller?

Thanks for reading


  • The station logic and smart component's are only there to simulate the non robot things that happen in the real world.
    There fore they are never transferred to and can not be run by the robot controller.

  • Thanks for you reply, it's more clear in my mind now.
    But as I keep thinking that to not be able to transfer simulation's tools to a robot controller it's a bad point for RoboStudio. Indeed in my case, as I receive real positions of all of the robot's environment thanks to a technology of cameras (linked with a TCP/IP connexion), all that I simule it's in reality the real world. This makes totally justified why simulation's tools should be run by a robot controller.
    However, RobotStudio constrain us to use only RAPID code which one is limited as I show it before.
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    If you are using a camera this can be input into the virtual controller in RobotStudio without the use of smart components/ station logic.
    @Maxim Riabichev can you help with how to do this?
  • I'd suggest looking for guides on Integrated Vision on Youtube or the like.

    Also, there's a manual available in this post:

    Maxim Riabichev
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  • In my project I use Optitrack's cameras, with the software Motive, to track and to send to Robotstudio 3D positions from the robot's 3D environment. Or the RobotStudio's integrated vision is made for a plane area of detection. Thus I didn't use the RobotStudio's integrated vision. 
    Thanks a lot for all your reply
  • Are you using the Externally Guided Motion (EGM) option?
  • No I'm not.
  • I have not used EGM but I understand it has functions to allow you to stream the positions from the camera to the controller at a high rate