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CONNECT TRAP execution error

Dear ABB family,

I am trying to execute a trap/interrupt function and I get fallowing error, see photo below.
I think i declare de "CONNECT"in wrong place.

Can someone give me a tip how to o it properly?

Thank you a lot.

Selen Ersoy


  • Like the instruction error says, you cannot use the same variable name to connect with multiple traps. Create a unique variable name for each trap to solve the issue. 
  • @xerim I use already two different variabele intno1 and intno2 with digital signal R_HOLD, R_ManualHOLD
    I still doesnt see it. 
  • I don't see where those variables are being declared, try setting it up like this

  • I declare those before proc main,  under Module, like i declare my other variable.
    So, should i declare thos in my main proic

  • I think you need to call IDelete on intno1 and intno2 prior to connecting them to the trap
  • Like this:

    IDelete intno1;
    IDelete intno2;
    CONNECT intno2 WITH ManualHold;
    ISignalDI R_HOLD,1,intno1;
    ISignalDI R_ManualHOLD,1,intno2;