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SafeMove final steps (I think?)

I am trying to implement very basic Virtual SafeMove cell.  And I think I am at the final goal of validating the config and locking it.

But I need to get past a few issues.

On station load and controller startup I get the following errors.  

I have not yet validated and locked config, so I assume it goes immediately into superior stop state 1.

Then warns Automatic Mode Warning  90526

So I switch it into manual mode and turn on motors, then try to address next error
CBC cyclical brake check 


Then Error
37231 Brake Performance error for all 6 axis.  What the heck am I missing?

Controller options

Stop Config

Safe IO CIP input Signals

Safe IO CIP Output Signals

SafeMove Settings CBC

Controller setting Safe Zone Tool Position


  • Did you find a solution?
  • Did you already find a solution? I have the same problem. 
  • MatsV
    Hello. Regarding the "Brake performance error" when using a virtual system. This is an bug in RW. It has been corrected in RW6.12. Solution is to upgrade RW or to simply disable CBC while running the virtual system.

  • Newman
    SafeMove in a virtual controller can cause problems. One is CBC, I only activate it in the real robot. The other problem I often have is when using ”view robot at target”. SafeMove doesn’t seem to like when robot is snapped between positions. Warm start is sometimes needed to get rid of the safety controller errors.
    Swedish freelance ABB robot programmer