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Difference between simulation and RAPID execution

edited June 2021 in RobotStudio

When using a virtual station, what are the exact differences between running the simulation (Simulation tab / Play) and executing RAPID (RAPID tab / Start) apart from the paths and targets that may not be in sync?

Smart Components seem to doing their jobs even when the simulation is started from the RAPID tab. Mechanisms do not seem to be animated though.



  • Nils Olofsson
    the play button in the Rapid tab starts the VC but not the simulation. Pressing play in the simulation starts the simulation and the VC's you have chosen through the simulation settings tab.

    The synch between rapid and the station is not affected by the play button unless you run synch and play. 
    The code that will be running on the VC is always going to be the one from rapid.

    Nils Olofsson
    PC Software Support Engineer