EGM timing synchronization with external vision system

does EGM or robot controller have an output signal to the external device, which can be used to synchronize the external device and EGM? if not, is there a time protocol for the synchronization purpose?  We'd like to have a way to get both of the robot pose and vision data at the same time, what's the best way to do it with ABB controller and EGM? 



  • The output data for the EGM sensor protocol is very well documented in the Application Manual - Externally Guided Motion (p31)
  • john_LRW
    john_LRW MI. USA
    @xerim, thanks for the quick response. but it looks like I cannot get the answer from the manual.  let me give an example about my question:   Assume, I have a vision system PC which sends EgmSensor data package to robot, the time stamp within the EgmSensor is recorded based on PC/sensor timer; The robot send EgmRobot data to vision system with the time stamp based on robot timer. Because we are using 2 different timers, so we cannot calculate the time difference between the 2 time stamps.  my question is how we can sync the 2 different timing system?
  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod
    When using a vision system with Pickmaster 3 there is a time synchronization service between the PC and the controller.
    I do not know much more than that - it may be part of PickMaster or it may be a Windows service...

  • john_LRW
    john_LRW MI. USA
    @graemepaulin, thanks!  we tried PTP but it was neither accurate nor stable. I think it will help a lot if ABB can add a timing IO signal.