Recording joint information

Please help! I am trying to collect joint axis position information for every PaintL or PaintC in my routine, preferrably write to a separate log. Most of the routines are long, proabably have around atleast 100 PaintL instruction. How can I achieve this without affecting cycle time? By the way, the robot tracks wobj on a moving conveyor, if it matters. Thank you in advance!


  • Xerim, Thank you for your prompt response. Will I be calling this variable at every PaintL or PaintC instruction? If so, will this impact the total cycle time? Or, is there a better way to retrieve the same info. for each of the 100 or so PaintLs? Thanks!
  • Do you have the multitasking option installed on your system? 
  • In one department, a set of robots do have multitasking but in another I do not.
  • With Multitasking, you can read the joints in real time by setting up a background task like this:

    MODULE MainModule
        VAR jointtarget joints;
        PROC main()
        WHILE 1=1 DO
            WaitTime 0.01;

    Otherwise you will only be able to read the joints at the point CJointT() is declared in your module