Problem in EGM implementation for virtual controllers

emelineb France Grenoble
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to implement EGM in robotstudio with virtual controllers but i'm facing a problem.
Until here I followed the steps in the EGM Manual :

- I set up the EGM protocol by building an EGM sensor communication : I have a ConsoleApplication.sln in C++ in Visual Studio 2019 where I put the code that you can find in the file attachment.

- I set up the RAPID code for Position Guidance. (I just copied the example on the manual), I triep to put it in the "string messageBuffer" variable in the ConsoleApplication.cpp.

- In robotstudio I set up the virtual controller IRC5 with EGM and the transmission protocol are like this :

And now I'm quiet confused about what I have to do. When I compile mi consoleApplication a window opens but their are error message as if it can't read what I put in the messageBufffer.