External Axis Wizard Changes Joints Automatically

I am attempting to add a h-frame mechanism to my controller using the external axis wizard. The mechanism has 4 links and 3 joints. J1 indexes the frame, J2 is the left side headstock/tailstock, and J3 is the right side. The mechanism functions correctly when I joint jog in the station.

When I go to add is using the external axis wizard, after I add the locked axis from the command prompt, it deletes the geometries for J3 (see after picture below, J3 geometry is gone).

Furthermore, if I go through and add the mechanism to the controller, J3 is completely different than before I used the wizard. The geometry that was deleted is replaced with a copy of the entire frame's geometry and the whole positioner rotates around J3.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? It is quite frustrating and every time I try to adjust and recompile the mechanism it still messes up when I use the external axis wizard.

See pictures below and a pack and go of the station.