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Task to execute at Start


Anyone know how to get the current setting of "Task to execute at Start"?

I can get the "ActiveMechanicalUnit"... but that only relates to the mech unit that will be jogged.   I would like to know in my application which task(s) will be executed if the operator presses the start button. 

The "Task(s) to execute at start" is selected by the operator... how do I determine the setting from my app?....   or even... How do I set it from my app?

 2 robot multimove system    RAB 5.08...



Mike Kegley


  • RussD


    On closer inspection this information primarily refers to whether or not the task is executable or not, as ready actually means not executable as is. If everything is OK, you will pretty much be started or stopped.

    --end update--

    The short answer is that it does not appear to be publicly exposed functionality, at least the ability to change tasks. I'm guessing that it might be this way because of the potential for unexpected motion to occur without explicit operator intervention.

    In 5.09, there will be a new event that you can subscribe to on a per task basis called ExecutionStateChanged, which will notify you when you enter each different state, as described below. Maybe you can use this event to get the information you need.

    The task has no program pointer or execution context.
    The task has a program pointer and an execution context.
    The task is executing.
    The program server is not initialized. This state only exists during startup.
    RussD2007-5-10 22:36:18
    Russell Drown
  • Ingela


    Currently the TasksToExecuteAtStart setting is not exposed via the FP SDK.

    To READ the setting is in the plan to be included in a future release.

    Best regards,

    Ingela Brorsson
    Software Engineer
    ABB Robotics, Sweden