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Abb screen maker password?

edited July 2021 in ScreenMaker

I have one application. I developed with Screen Maker.

Can i put the password this application.

When application starts app will ask password?

Is it possible?

Best regards.


  • mox117
    edited August 2022
    It´s complicated, but you can use a method from C# .NET and add the parameters. The other alternative it´s use  rapid code, but it´s difficult to hide the password routine.
  • I do have a similar question, I want to secure only one page with a password, would this be simpler?

    mox117 said:
    [...] you can use a method from C# .NET and add the parameters [...]
    How can I edit the C#.NET methods in ScreenMaker? Do I need to use the EventsManager and ApplicationVarables? Or is it somehow possible to access the raw code?