Starting a virtual controller, fronius intergrated error

K8ie8 Washington
Good day all. I am new to robot studio. I am trying to create a virtual controller from a backup and I get an error message saying the virtual controller could not be created because the additional option FRONIUS-INTEGRATED could not be found. I have the fronius TPSi packages installed. 


  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod
    This will probably because the option file is not in the backup.
    If you can connect to the real controller use the go offline function in RobotStudio.
    Otherwise you will have to get the file (normally starts with 3HEA....) from the controller hard disk - sorry can not recall where it is stored.
  • K8ie8
    K8ie8 Washington
    Thank you for this. I will give that a go.