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IRC5 maintenance port disconnects when WAN connected

I'm having trouble setting up our machine's network. I planned on plugging the IRC5 WAN port to a network where the IRC5 will be able to communicate with a computer and a PLC.

I've set up the WAN port to the desired IP address and succeeded in pinging it from our network, but when I connect my laptop to the maintenance port, the communication is lost every 20-30secs an takes between 10sec and 1min to come back which is basically impossible to work with. When the WAN is unplugged, everything seems fine. I also tried resetting the WAN parameters to default values and the same thing happens when a wire is plugged in the WAN port.

I also tried using LAN3 (premiliminary to WAN) but an error occurs when rebooting saying something like LAN3 cannot have the address or there is an address conflict which is not the case. Any idea? Haven't found anything on the subject...


  • From the Application manual - EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter:

    The desired industrial network and factory network is on the same logical network but is it possible
    to have one logical network for the factory network and one logical network for the Ethernet/IP
    network? Is it possible to have a switch that separates the traffic?

        1 In the I/O configuration under Industrial Network, configure the IP address,
           subnet mask, gateway and destination of the Ethernet/IP network.
        2 Restart the controller using the restart mode Start Boot Application.
        3 Change the network settings (these are used for the WAN connector) and
           choose the correct system.
        4 Make sure that these two networks are on separate subnets.
        5 Restart the controller.