Gripper Power and Safety

What I have is a Profinet I/O block on the robot end effector that provides Inputs and Outputs to control the robot gripper open/close function.  The connector to the Profinet block Pin 1 is 24vdc sensor/block power, Pin 2 is 24vdc power for valves, Pin 3 is 0vdc, Pin 4 is Ground.

I have SafeMove 1 in the IRC 5 cabinet, I have a Beckhoff Safety.  Where should the 24vdc power for the valves come from?  I'm not sure what the usual method is, but I just realized the Beckhoff safety doesn't know the teach pendant enable is pressed and it does not have any idea of the teach key position either.

The robot is the Profinet Master to the Profinet I/O block on the end effector.


  • lemster68
    Wire the key selector switch to the Beckhoff then.  There ought to be contacts on the switch.
    Lee Justice