Exception: A connection with systemId {...} has already been added

Marcel Switzerland ✭✭

I know, this point is already in this forum, but in my case it is not a Developer Tool issue. (https://forums.robotstudio.com/discussion/12449/exception-a-connection-with-systemid-has-already-been-added)

I have the error: A connection with systemId {...} has already been added.
I use now RobotStudio 2012.2. What I did:
- connected to a real robot on the service port:, that works
- connected to the same real robot via pc-interface and a fix IP-address:, does not connect and I get the error: A connection with systemId {...} has already been added.
I just see the connected robot in the controller window on the left, but there is nothing below, like RAPID.

With previous versions of RobotStudio I did this quite often, and that worked.
For remote access we need that pc-interface connection.

What can I change?

As workaround, can I edit this systemid list and delete the old connection on the service port?

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  • Marcel
    Marcel Switzerland ✭✭

    The reason for this problems could be that my company has changed something in the network-settings of my company laptop. So the priority for the network connections is different now. As I cut all the other (Wifi) connections, the laptop could now connect to the pc-interface with the fix IP-address: A detail: onto the service-port I go via Wifi to an access-point.
    With other RobotStudio versions: 2021.1.2 and 2020.4 I have got the same effects as described in the beginning.

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