Reference error in navigator

Klaus Denmark ✭✭

I have a robot with navigator and bullseye option but if i try to use SearchSPL or Measure_1D the controller comes with error when loading the modul.

130 : Reference error : Reference to unknown procedure SearchSpL

It does the same in RSO and RS.

It seems that i dont have the priviliged to use the command. The key is not viatuel but bought from ABB

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Klaus Soenderhegn


  • Klaus
    Klaus Denmark ✭✭

    I have found the error my self.

    If you add navigator to an existing system you should not make the system from a backup. Then you overwrite the proc file that navigator makes during installation

    Best Regards

    Klaus Soenderhegn
  • IGlumac
    IGlumac Seattle WA
    I had this same problem. I found that the root cause was in the sys.cfg there are several lines that load the navigator option. You can add those lines instead of loading things 1 at time.

    The image below shows the 3 lines that are missing when a backup is loaded in.