Move robot on air slide

We have mounted our IRB5500 robot on a pneumatic 2m slide with 2 fixed end of stroke positions and simple output control.
Its set up as a mechanism in Robotstudio.

Our Problem is how to move the robot base frame with the robot as it slides.
Any ideas guys?


  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod
    Are you talking about in RobotStudio?
  • Yes, in RS.
    In the spraybooth, the robot slides nicely and our work piece to be painted, the work object, stays static.

    In RS, I can see that if the robot was mounted on an ABB track, I could move the base frame with the robot as it traversed up and down.

    In RS, we have the robot mounted on a mechanism, but the base frame doesn't move with the arm as the mechanism moves.

    We have a temporary workaround in that the work mechanism moves the work piece, but it can be a little confusing
  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod
    @lemster68 have you got any ideas on this?
  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Isn't there some parameter in the MOC which specifies if the base frame is moved by a mechanism?
    Lee Justice