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Hello. I have an older robot running Robotware 5.15 and having some problems setting up my signals/IO as the manuals and videos I find online are for robotware 6.XX. I think I'm setting this up correctly with the canned "EN_SLAVE" unit type, then I create a PLC unit, and then my signals. I've tried both Analog Input and Group Input signal types. If I use analog, it doesn't show up in my "IO" section and if I use group input, my max value is 1. Does this mean it's a bit? I want a 8 or 16 bit registers. Is it something with my configuration?


  • Well incase anyone in the future needs this info since I got it working with much trial and error (and yes I'm pretty green with robots):
    1. Configure the "BUS". I used the LAN port (older CPU for Robotware 5) and DO NOT define the "Destination". (This drove me mental as I defined it as the PLC at first but it was actually the cause of my issues)
    2. Use Unit Type "EN_INTERNAL_SLAVE" and adjust your input/output sizes. 
    3. Define a Unit using the unit type in point 2. Set the IP for the robot.
    4. Define all your signals. The numbers for mapping are based on the unit type sizes. 8 bytes for inputs = 64 bits of input data that can be mapped from 0 to 63.  
    For discrete IO, use "group" I/O and then mapping is a bit number. (ie the second bit of byte 2 is "mapping = 9". For integers, still "group" I/O but define mapping like "0-7", "8-15", "16-23", etc.
    5. for system IO like "MotorsOnState", define a signal as a DO with the appropriate mapping and then go to "System Output" in the configurations tab to define and link them.  
    6. For the PLC, use the "enip.eds" found in the robotware folder. Probably works with generic module too but we were successful with the .eds.  

    hi not sure if you still reply this?

    wondering in step 3 when you said set the IP for the robot where it goes because there are no option to put the IP in there in "EN_INTERNAL_SLAVE" 
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    Hello, Sorry that was a mistake on my part. You define the IP address in step 1. In Step 3 you just need to select what "Unit Type" and which "Bus".