IRB2400 M96 S4 Controller "Invalid or duplicated disk id" error when loading RobotWare

Hi Everyone, 

I have run in to a difficult problem while loading software in to a IRB 2400 M96, I get as far the second disk, the file abb_mc.001 completes the install 100% and after that I get the error "Invalid or duplicated disk id". Can't find any reference to this error anywhere. If any of you encountered or have any information how to solve this error, or any help you could provide I will be grateful, it is driving me insane. ​

Thank you for any suggestions you may provide.

Jerry Krzeminski  

[email protected]


  • mues
    mues Germany
    Maybe your BootDisk is corrupted. Try to contact ABB that they can send you a new one.
    I got this error when I tried to install an Option Disk that wasnt compatible to my keystring.
  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod
    Have you made a copy of the original disk, and if so did you transfer the id file?