Path Offset generates Tool coordinate system error 50058

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Dear All,

I am executing a path with a welding tool running as vertical as possible (parallel to Z World). The program use to execute with no errors until I introduced the Path Offset corrector aiming to adjust Z-axis only. Once Path Offset was introduced, the robot moves normally until aligning the tool with Z (as expected) and then returns the following error:

50058: Tool coordinate system error

The z-direction of the tool coordinate system is almost parallel with the path direction.

Change the tool coordinate system to achieve at least 3 degrees deviation between z-direction and path direction.

Since my process MUST keep the tool vertical (Z-tool parallel to Z-World), solve it by introducing intentional 3 degrees error deviation seems the wrong approach.

Is there a way to overcome this problem? Can this be a bug since removing the corrector function the program executes with no error?

Your advice is very much appreciated.