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How to "reset" controller to defaults on Omnicore?

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I did accidentally set "Private network" to DHCP in SIO.cfg file. And seams that this resulted to total loss of communication:
  • PC connected to management port can get IP, but nobody answers to ping in port, even not DHCP server itself
  • RobotStudio can not see any controllers
  • Flexpendant stays in page "Searching for controller" forever
Any ideas how to restore permanent address to controller?
Is it possible to remove flash and modify controller files manually?

Urgent help needed. Thank's!

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  • Fritz
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    • put controller into RobotWare Installation Utilities mode (Product Manual - OmniCore C30 §6.2.7)
    • go to RobotWare installation
    • click link for deleting existing robotware, but choose to delete ONLY user files and settings
    • hit Cancel and restart - controller will start with default settings and no user programs installed
    • restore your applications and settings from last working backup