IOSystem GetSignal Parse Properties

Dear All, I`m kinda slipping on this and need some tip from the experts:
I`m developing an AddIN Button to parse IO`s properties from RS (-Name, -Type, -Value, -DeviceMapping);
I can read all but last one by e.g.: 

Signal signal1 = controller.IOSystem.GetSignal("diMotorOn");
string Name = signal1.Name; (I know redundant =S, just as example)
string Type = signal1.Type.ToString();
float Value = signal1.Value;
int mapPosition = signal1.?

Ok, I can Query those values from EIO.cfg after doing a backup and compare them with my standard sequence but there maybe is some shortcut from IOSystem?

I need to make sure IO`s are located in the right sequence bit (standard).
Thank you in advance

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  • saitoevc
    saitoevc Italy
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    Ok, I`ve found my answer.
    If you are interested on knowing:

    using ...Controllers.ConfigurationDomainl;

    then able to use this:
    .ConfigurationDataBase myconfigDB = mycontroller.configuration;
    string[] myPath={"EIO","EIO_SIGNAL","diMotorOnStart","DeviceMap"};
    .string myData=myconfigDB.READ(myPath);

    Ok, so what? this is already in ABB WebSite: Configuration domain (
    Right! But here is my tip:
    RS says "Device Mapping" in Signal Config and ABB Website says: "UnitMap" for Unit scan.
    As I`m tryna scan from RS, EIO.cfg label is "DeviceMap" :wink:

    Cheers from Italy