Not possible to open the UdpUc device when following the StateMachine Add-in

O_ruiz Barcelona
I'm trying to setup the abb_robot_driver with a Yumi robot and wanted to familiarise myself with the related StateMachine Add-in. So far I have been following the instructions of the StateMachine manual, the RobotStudio Simulation section to be specific. Following the steps, the robot goes in idle state once started, but when using the I/O simulator and activating the EGM_START_POSE signal, the following Error message pops up:
41824: Not possible to open the UdpUc device
It was not possible to open the external device ROB_L that was specified in the RAPID instruction EGMSetupUC.
The program execution is stopped immediately.
Check if:
1. The device name is spelled correctly.
2. The device is connected.
3. The device is up and running.

I have been checking that I have been following all the steps in the manual, so I don't understand the source of this error. I would appreciate the help