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Polar Coordinates

Hello to all..
pardon me if i am asking a wrong question.
Could there be any chance we can use Polar Coordinates (r, theta, z) instead of X,Y,Z Coordinates to guide robot across a circular job..
For a circular job there is limitations of robot movement in a full circle, i want to rotate the job keep the radius constant and playing with Z-Axis only.


  • This is DIY for the most part. Doing this myself, I've written quite a few functions to support this. PolarToEuclid/EuclidToPolar for converting. Defining a new RECORD type for polartargets, etc.

    It's a good amount of work at the end of the day, but it is worth it to operate in polar coordinates for some things. One thing that you'll find is that the movements are very limited (MoveL/MoveC) in terms of what you might want to accomplish, which is often a helix. I utilized an iterative solving to determine intermediate points based on desired accuracy and moved through a series of intermediates to ensure my path accuracy. Not really the super best, but it worked.

    I'd love to share, but I was paid to do this work, so my company rightfully owns the code.