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Kollisionssätze aktivieren, deaktivieren mit SmartKomponenten?

Hello, I am having problems with the collision model.
I simulate the machining of a workpiece with various tools.Each tool has its own collision model. I show and hide the tools with smart components depending on the processing stage.
It seems as if I have no way of activating or deactivating the individual collision models in the running simulation. The models are active during the entire simulation and also lead to collisions when the tool is not being used.
The collision models deviate from the geometry of the tools, as I only test the spindle, tool shank and tool holder for collision; the actual tool (milling cutter, drill, etc.) naturally always collides with the component during machining.
So the question is:
Does anyone have a tip for me on how I can activate and deactivate a collision model while a simulation is running?


  • Spawn14
    I create my own Collision model in a smartComponent:
    CollisionType colType = CollisionDetector.CheckCollision(Part1, Part2, 0.01);
    and start with a digInput.