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Robotstudio SDK, get Access to Station Geometrie

Hello, I am just starting to deal with the Robotstudio SDK. At the moment it is not clear to me how the access to existing parts in the station is implemented. All examples always generate a Part + Body and add it to the> station.GraphicComponents <list. But how do I get access to e.g. existing cubes to join them or to create an intersection? Thx for any help


  •  foreach (GraphicComponent oGC in station.GraphicComponents)<br>            {<br>                if (oGC is Part & oGC.Name == "Cube1") <br>                {<br>                    pCupe = (Part)oGC;<br>                }                     <br>            }<br>

    But if I know the Name of the Part, i think it must be possible to get the Object directly?

  • Solved,
    station.GraphicComponents.TryGetGraphicComponent("NameOfPart", out PART);