About TPWrite concatenations

OscarGSal Spain
edited October 2021 in RobotStudio
Hello from Spain...

I want to write a text to a flexpendant, but, i need to concatenate a text + numeric Variable + text + numeric variable in a single line. 

I Know how to concatenate in a single line, text + num like this...

TPWrite "ROBOT 1 ";
TPWrite "";

TPWrite "ALTURA ------ "\Num:=AltBobR1;

The result will be something like that:


ALTURA ------  1000

But I need to get this result:

                             R1        R2

ALTURA ------  1000 - 1500

Numeric value below text R1 is AltBobR1 variable and Numeric value below text R2 is AltBobR2 variable.

Can someone guide me how to achieve this result?